Ideal Steps For A Healthy & Glowing Skin

Hey Peeps!!!

A healthy & a beautiful skin always attract everyone. Isn’t it? but is it very hard to achieve the same? Do we really need to gorge into those expensive products?

Today I am going to share some ideal steps for a healthy & a glowing skin.

Now, the basic fundamental that we have been hearing is to do CTM for the skin i.e. Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing. However, Do we really notice any changes in our skin with our growing age that we need some other products for the concern of the skin. As separate features of the face requires different products & methods. Let’s be honest about it that we are struggling with the same issues.


                              BASIC STEPS TO FOLLOW

  • TONING: Primarily, this should be the first thing to start with. We often hear & follow that toning is the 2nd step, but on the contrary, the main ingredient which is present in a toner is Isopropyl Alcohol, which if left over the skin gives harmful effects. So, it is recommended that we do toning first & cleansing later. This will clear the effect of Alcohol on the skin & the pores get open & the dust particles will automatically get clean. For best results, toning can be done with a Micellar Solution/ Bi Phased Formula.  Pour some toner on the cotton swab & dab it all over your face. 


  •    CLEANSING: Cleansing of the skin helps you to remove all the residues from the      skin. It should be done with a mild formula cleanser as most of the foaming                    cleansers & face wash tend to make the skin dry. So, always choose a formula                according to the specific skin type. This prevents the skin from bacteria build up which in results helps in keeping acne at bay. Avoid using a soap on the skin as it will disrupt the PH balance of the skin. Body skin is thicker than the facial skin. Always use a pea size amount of the cleanser, massage it on the skin in a circular motion for 30 seconds and then wash your face with water.


  • SKIN SERUM: Now we all know that the whole internet, magazines etc is grazing about skin serums. Using skin serum on the skin gives more clarity & strength to the skin from within. It works on a specific concern of the skin for example: dry & dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines & wrinkles. They are widely available all across from a variety with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, 24 carat gold dust and etc. Always go for a serum according to the concern of your skin & your age. As the serums are formulated with high concentrate of active ingredients so, pump a pea size amount daily morning & evening is sufficient. Use a dab motion on the face after using the cleanser to absorb the serum in the skin.  


  • EYE CREAM: Eye area being the most sensitive & fragile part needs more attention. Due to fatigue and our growing age the concerns which we come across is dark circles, fine line wrinkles, dryness, puffiness & under eye bags. Eye creams are used to address some of these issues. After using the serum, the best way to apply an eye cream is to tap & then gently massage around your eyes & not to forget always use the ring fingers as it has the least pressure.


  • MOISTURIZER & DAY CREAM: A moisturizer is used to maintain the glow of the skin and also it helps nourishing the skin. I personally recommend moisturizers for dry & dehydrated skin. Now jumping onto Day Creams, during the day time when we are out in the sun which damages our skin with UV rays, pollution, environmental stresses and the list goes on. Day Creams are formulated with SPF which helps you to fight from UV rays, antioxidants, free radicals etc. & always go a light weight & non greasy formula. After cleansing your face with warm water, apply 6 dots all over your face i.e forehead, nose, cheeks, chin & neck, massage it in a circular motion until absorbed.


  • NIGHT CREAM: We all know the pain to remove the makeup at the end of hectic day coming back from work. Isn’t it? but to be very truthful about the fact it is very important for a proper regimen as including a night cream. Not only night creams maintains the moisture in your skin overnight but also it helps to waken up skin healthy & refreshed in the morning as soon as you wake up. If you are aged 25+ then it is must to use a night cream with an anti ageing extract which will help you repair the skin cells while you are sleeping. After, doing the above mentioned steps. Just apply 6 dots on your face i.e forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck, massage it in gently circular motions and once the cream is absorbed in your skin then gently lift your cheeks in the upward motion, stretch your brows with your ring finger in an upward direction. This method prevents sagging of the skin.


  • EXFOLIATION: Removal of old dead cells on the skin’s outer most layer (Epidermis). “Why exfoliation is important?”, This is the most common query faced amongst every age group. This not only helps to remove the dead layer of the skin but it also make the skin healthy & glowing. It is recommended to do this procedure once a week with a mild scrub (either homemade or any other). After cleansing the face, apply 6 dots all over your face as mentioned earlier, massage it for 3-5 minutes in a circular motion avoiding the eye area, targeting the nose & mouth area & then rinse your face with warm water.


  • FACE PACK: It is the most important part after exfoliation as it closes the opened pores after the exfoliation. There are different reasons for using a face pack like enhancing the firmness, removing stress, removing excess oil/dryness, reversal caused by sun damage & removing impurities caused by pollution. Post exfoliation, use a face pack all over the face evenly avoiding the eye area & lips. Once your face pack is semi dry, sprinkle some water over the face start a soft massage through out the face & then rinse your face with warm water.


To summarize, the above steps is an ideal routine for healthy & glowing skin. For more               such information on skin, hair & makeup wait until my next write up. If you have                   suggestions, queries or something that you may want to share. I hope it gave you                   enough relevant information regarding the healthy skin regime. Feel free to post a                 comment below.